About this project

About this project

According to the last World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, the UK has slipped from the 18th position to the 26th in terms of women’s equality.

44% of women have experienced a form of male violence, 9 out 10 of lone parents are women and the gender pay gap is still 19%. Further, women are still invisible in the main leadership roles, from media – only 11% of major national newspaper editors are women – to politics – women ministers are only 22% in the current government – to the economic world – according to the FTSE index only 7% of women are on a company’s board.

Current austerity policies are forcing women to pay off the majority of the deficit. In the previous government they paid off 79% of the UK deficit compared with 21% paid by men. (see A Fair Deal for Women’s website)

Behind these numbers there’s a story, a personal life. There’s a woman facing cultural, social and economic barriers and often a women’s organisation supporting her to weave her life.


Get involved

If you are a woman willing to tell your personal story through a video and make your voice heard this is the right place.

We’re dealing with all the possible, visible and less visible barriers women are facing in our society, no one is excluded, trying to challenge unfairness and stereotypes. You might be a single mum trying to balance work and family life, a low paid worker hit by the new tax credit policies, a refugee/migrant risking deportation to a country you left because of violence or poverty, a student or a professional pursuing a career in a male-dominated sector.

You might have experienced violence, poverty, physical or mental health issues; and you might also have been a victim of media and social stereotypes struggling with confidence and self-esteem.

Every woman has a story to tell. We want to hear yours!
Write to: womenspeakout@wrc.org.uk